About Us

Time has changed, so have technologies and people of course ! But what remained constant is man’s desire to have a home that offers comfort and peace. Regardless of myriad differences people have in their lives, leading a life of comfort in a comfortable home is common to all. What if the term smart is added to it ? It becomes far too irresistible , right ? Xenvia Technologies, a Home Automation Company is here to offer you both…a smart home where AI would take care of your headache of getting to the switch board to turn on your humble fan to monitor your electrical devices from anywhere in the world ! You literally carry your sweet home wherever you go. Isn’t that amazing ???

Let’s understand what Smart Home actually is.

Why Smart Home ?

Why not a smart home ? Why should we limit ourselves to Smart Phones only that connect us to the outside world? It’s time that we needed to spare a thought to our inside world , our sweet home. Its time we transform our sweet home to smart home ! It’s time we make our homes tech advanced. When we buy a smart phone we first look for its features, then we focus on its looks. Can’t we do the same for our homes too? Our smartest phones are vulnerable to theft but our smart homes. You neither lose your smart home , nor does it get stolen, rather it keeps a tap on your home when you are physically away from your home. Moreover you use smart phone, smart TV, smart watches then why should your home stay just beautiful and not smart.